T2 cell model 2018 - patented cell

New T2 Hydrogen-Nitrogen Cell has been already designed and here is the official animation of the product. This is not a dry or a wet cell but a different approach in Electrolytic cells where both tanks and electrodes are seperated but also in the same device without hoses and hose connectors for the electrolyte and gas flow between tank and plates.
- Build in tank
- No hoses between tank and plates
- Build in special Iridium Plates
- Build in active cooling system
- Build in CCPWM full computerized system
- ECS Electrolyte Control System
- CCS Cooling Control System
- BPS Batery Protection System
- CGPS Clever Gas Production System
- Cell is wifi Remote controlled
- Complete pre-installed

T2 CCPWM PLUS ver 2.52

The most advanced CCPWM power supply unit for Hydrogen and HHO cells.
Full computerized 84Mhz Risc, wi-fi, 2xMPUs with pedal, inclination and temperature sensor and fluid level sensor build in.
Controls 14 parameters 10 times per second. response time less than 2msec (0.002sec).
Checks and tests your cell. Error warnings. Controls external cooling system (radiator) and/or external electrolyte tank and pump.
This is the best CCPWM in the market today which gives you the ability to control your cell from your android or ios mobile device.

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AMR Advanced Magnetic Rings
REAL fuel economy at once!!

2 special Rings with total 24 high temperature Neodymium Magnets with special shields each and aligned to form a singlepole radial magnetic field (not linear like other low cost chinese magnets). They magnetize the fuel and air with opposite polarity and when fuel and air mixed inside the engine the perfect alignment of molecules ampliffies the explosion.
You can install it by yourself within 5 minutes. You see more than 15% fuel economy at once. Guarantee lifetime for 20 years.
This is patent pending device exclusively from FTIE Enterprises LTD.


Clean burning and impressive fuel economy with Τ2?

T2 are Greek products of global innovation available exclusively from FTIE ENTERPRISES LTD.
T2 is the result of 10 years of research by the researcher mr. Theodore Karavasilis and are complete gas production systems based on hydrogen-nitrogen gas.
T2 cells produce and supply the engine with special gas into the combustion chamber of your engine, enriching the fuel mix to make the combustion more complete and deliver more power.
The gas produced, entering the engine with a tube and is mixed with the air. A smaller amount of fuel is required to output the same power because the new gas entering into the chamber is rich in hydrogen molecules and at the same time cracks the hydrocarbons of the fuel and make it burning all at once. It's basically like boosting the calorific value of the fuel and achieving complete burning at the same time. The end result is emissions near to Zero values, clean engine and impressive fuel economy!

Gas is a mixture of Hydrogen-Nitrogen and Oxygen in a smaller percentage and is many times more powerful than both Hydrogen and Hydroxygen (HHO). Our T2 cell can not be compared with common low cost HHO cells. Please see all differences of 2 products in this table
In a test we made, with 1 liter of gas per minute, we operated a 70kw engine at 5000 revs without any fuel. Something that the Hydroxygen could never achieve even it was 10 times more.
The component that makes the difference in our own gas is Nitrogen, which is a neutral gas and helps to bind oxygen and build up Hydrogen-Nitrogen and Oxygen chains.

It is no coincidence that NASA uses nitrogen compounds, N2H4 (hydrazine) and N2O4 (Nitrogen tetroxide), as fuels for rockets. Also N2O is the well-known Nitro which boosts torque in automotive engines.

We see that hydrogen-nitrogen is the key to perfect combustion. We humans breathe air that is 25% oxygen and 75% nitrogen and we get Hydrogen from the water. That is how we produce energy to live. The engines want to "breathe" Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen at the same time. They want to take hydrogen as a gas rather than a fuel that is hydrocarbon because, unfortunately, the engine burns hydrogen and the heavy carbon molecules are simply "rubbish" that not only wear out without offering something but also create mug. The gas produced by the T2 units is hydrogen-nitrogen-oxygen and is the perfect "food" of the engine that greatly reduces the need for combustion of pollutant liquid hydrocarbons and keeps the engine always clean as new.
The gas produced by the T2 units is hydrogen-nitrogen-oxygen and is the perfect "food" for the engine that greatly reduces the need for combustion of pollutant liquid hydrocarbons and keeps the engine always clean and new.


1) The only system in the world that produces Hydrogen-Nitrogen gas that really boosts the caorific value of the fuel and does not oxidize the engine.
2) Does not stimulate the engine's oxygen sensors to get involved in engine operation.
3) Does not require any engine intervention and therefore does not affect the engine warranty. It just supplies the gas to the engine air inlet.
4) The only cell with unique Iridium electrodes and lifetime of 60,000 or 200,000 hours when stainless steel electrodes can not withstand over 4,000 hours.
5 Electrodes do not pollute the gas produced, with chromium oxides that are toxic and destroy the engine.
6) The electrolyte does not contain potassium or sodium (like other HHO cells) that react with engine oil and metals inside the engine.
7) It is the only system in the world that can safely clean any engine.
8) Made for 24-hour operation with a computer with fault detection and by-pass back-up systems that are automatically set up.
9) Full system remote control.
10) The system is portable. Can be transported from engine to engine.
11) Minimum installation time: 2-3 hours
12 The only one with a nanoparticle-specific lubrication system that dresses the internal surfaces with silicon nanoparticles that repair existing cracks that create friction and at the same time polish the metal surfaces so that they slide in contact with each other. This why it reduces friction and engine outputs more power and at the same time it doubles the lifetime of the engine lubricant. Measurements on truck engines have shown savings of up to 17% from the use of NanotecOil.

13) The only one with the world's unique Advanced Magnetic Ring (AMR) system that creates a monopole magnetic field to magnetically charge the fuel and the incoming air with opposite magnetic field. The result is that the molecules of gas and air are aligned in space inside the combustion chamber and the explosion is stronger and fuller. AMR has even saved 20% on gasoline engines (32 liters of fuel consumption on a 40 liter trip on sea).

14) The system is provided with a special agreement with a 60,000 or 200,000 hour warranty and all its service and consumables (electrolyte and NanotechOil) are included.

Benefits of using T2





Engine cleaning, saving 5-10% fuel Cleaning ability of all engines, of the same or similar size.
No need to clean the engine as long as you use it.
Increase engine life with nanoparticle additive.
Included in the set.
Magnetic Fuel Balancing with Advanced Magnetic Rings.
Included in the set.
Fuel savings of 40-60%.
(In phase 2 it may be upgraded
to even more savings of up to 75%)
Reduction of CO2 and CO emissions by 60-90%.

Examples of use of Τ2

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Example of bulk carrier 50.000 tn with 2 engines 11.000hp each and 2000hp genset. Total power = 24.000hp.

Example of 1MW Power Plant with Used Cooking Oil as fuel.

Example of 450hp truck operating 200 hours per month.

Example of 120hp car engine.

Fuel consumption= 2.75MT/hour
Fuel cost= $380/MT
Fuel cost per hour= $1045
Fuel save 50%= $520/hour
Fuel save per month(20days trip)

Cost of monthly rent with consumables
$15/hour(1.5NM) for every 2000hp
Total cost of 20days trip= 86.400
Profit from use
$163.200 per 20days trip

Fuel consumption= 0.26MT/hour
Fuel cost= $650/MT
Fuel cost per hour= $169
Fuel save 50%= $84/hour
Fuel save per month(700hours)

Cost of monthly rent with consumables
$20/hour(1.5NM) for every 1MW
Total cost of 700hrs= $14.000
Profit from use
$44.800 per month

Average Fuel consumption= 43lt/100km
Fuel cost= €1.20/lt
Fuel cost per hour (60km)= €31
Fuel save 45%= €13.94/hour
Fuel save for these 200hours= €2.788
Fuel save per month(260hours)= €3.624
Cost of monthly rent with consumables
€600 for up to 260hours/month usage
Profit from use
€2.188 and up to €3.024 per month

Average Fuel consumption= 12lt/100km
Fuel cost= €1.20/lt
Fuel cost per 100km= €14.4
Average Fuel save 7.5% = €1.08/100km
Fuel save for 50.000km= €540
Cost of Cleaning Carbon= €70
Profit from usage= €470
Profit from Cleaning procedure
€50 per 30minutes cleaning cycle

20 cycles per day give profit of
€1.000 per day.


Engine cleaning ability by any Τ2 unit

The unit can be used on all ship engines, generators and trucks to clean them up and increase their performance and fuel economy.
This gives you an additional significant profit.

- T2 versions 5.50, 5.00 and 4.50 can be used on all ships, power plants and customer trucks to clean their engines. The units are portable and can be uninstalled and re-installed on the same engine many times and very quickly.
- The ability of T2 to clean all engines gives you an extra profit. In fact, all T2 units can imitate the T2 ECS cleaning process. The only difference is that T2 ECS needs 30 minutes to clean a motor, but T2 units need 6 hours for the same procedure.
- The cleaning process takes 1 hour of installation and 6 hours of operation with a power of 75% in each engine. The engine will be cleaned internally from all of the carbon mud and will be able to save 5-10% of fuel for the next 2,000 hours of use.
- Each 20000hp engine will save 3-6MT a day and give an extra daily gain of $ 1100- $ 2200. Also, 1MW power generator of power plant will save 8.5-17MT of fuel per month. A truck will save around € 1250 to € 2500 in the next 50,000 kilometers. And all this with only 1 cleaning process that lasts for 6 hours.
- Imagine the profit you will have if you clean 50 or 100 or 200 motors with only 1 unit of T2. This fuel economy will be achieved because the engine will become clean as new. We have seen this fuel economy in automotive engines. Even if cars are using cleaner fuel than HFO, there was great improvement.
- The cost of the T2 is ZERO because you do not buy the unit but you just rent it. Your obligation is to rent the unit for at least 6 months. This is enough time to clean all of your engines and after cleaning your engines, you can install the T2 unit in one of your machines to earn more.
- The rental cost of the unit is a small part of the profit you will get from fuel economy. In fact, T2 is self-financing.

Latest success story of T2 proves its ability to boost fuel economy.

Latest test of T2: 0.40LPM of our gas gave 60% more MPG!!!

T2 Successfully installed and tested on Suzuki Ignis 1300 diesel in September of 2017.
The customer was driving his car from Athens to Thessaloniki. The Suzuki Ignis 1300cc diesel on this route burns 6 liters per 100 kilometers. After the successful installation of T2, it showed ONLY 5 liters consumption between of 2 gas stations (132 km distance), instead of 8liters (before installation).
The important thing is that the T2 at 8 km of the route was turned off (driver's mistake) and when it was turned on, it consumed only 6 amps and produced only 0.40LPM of Hydrogen - Nitrogen gas.
With 0.40LPM, the car has 60% more kilometers with the same fuel (60% more MPG) !!! At 100 km it consumed 38% less fuel !!!
This is the superiority of hydrogen-nitrogen relative to HHO. Greater performance!!!

This is our latest T2-6.0HD ver 4.50-2019
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